tantric gay massage in Madrid

How a Tantric Massage is


Tantric Massage is an excellent way to look for spiritual ascent having the opportunity to access and experiment yourself. Uncensored, no taboos nor conditions. The energy that keeps us alive goes through the body so it does not accumulate in a single place and every cell is filled with it.


In this tantric massage, people get to know themselves, getting free from false ideas about the body, totally opening and exposing to maximum pleasure trying to reach the deepest part within our being, what we are made of and which are our reactions, allowing us to relocate in a world full of stimulus that can be used to achieve total consciousness of oneself.


This technique is peculiar and works on the spiritual part, focusing in a sacred process and result. The body is a monument, it stores memories and experiences, thoughts and feelings, soul and emotions. There is no specific sequence to perform a tantric massage, completely personalized because it analyzes conditions and need of the person that receives pressures and contact. Since it is made for different types of people, this massage will not be applied the same way.


So, the results will not be the same. One of the main goals is to allow emotions to express, those things that we are afraid or ashamed of showing. It is uncertain because of the emotion that is being discovered. The therapist must be able to identify physical, energetic and emotional status of the receiver in order to channel and go through the body adapting to the needs and desires of the receiver.

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