tantra and homosexuality in Madrid

The role of Tantra in homosexuality

Tantra is not about moral, social rules, behavior or what is right or wrong. Tantra goes further, way above, it is about consciousness, liberation from ego, our mind with all its beliefs, past experiences, the interpretation and continuous meaning given to the world and things. That release is attached to escape the false “I am…” that ego attributes to itself.

I am homosexual, heterosexual, I am smart, I am dumb, I am nervous, I am quiet, etc. All these statements are nothing but fog and false attributes from ego, from the bondage of a mind not healed in the past. The statement “I am” that we automatically use sometimes is very powerful, it clings us either to the past or to the freedom of the truth of what we are now.


Tantra as a way to liberation

Therefore Tantra is a path to liberation, for this we must review and undo our past, heal our relationship with male and female, we must recognize, forgive and liberate the emotional conglomerate linked to the father-mother archetypes expressed nowadays, especially through our parents and then we will truly be free from all conditioning, that is when we choose homosexuality freely.

This is a job for Tantra that homosexuals must do, channeling their femininity through rejecting the feminine and security to relate only with other men. The advantage of homosexuals facing heterosexuals is that they have been able to recognize and be open to that feminine part of sensibility, feeling the world with receptivity.

In the world of Tantric homosexual massages, when two men get together, energy mobilizes different than a man meeting a woman, but the dance of the masculine and feminine is also there. And the final goal of uniting both poles within ourselves is also there. Two men can enjoy a spectacular Tantric massage, at the end it is nothing but a game, a game of consciousness where our work is, as said before, to liberate from the attachments of our mind-past.


Only by recognizing and healing what we are is how we can join to “the other” within ourselves.

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