tantra gay massage madrid

Tantra Gay Massage in Madrid

Enjoy an incredible relaxing and sensitive massage. Tantra gay massage Madrid designed for men seeks stimulation all over the body, from head to toes, both erogenous and physical.

It is a massage of moderate intensity for those who start their adventure in the world of Tantric massage. If you are shy, if it is your first time, relax with this massage and let yourself look like you deserve.

The techniques used in Sensual Tantra Massage combine pressures from Thai massage working with oil on forearms from Hawaiian or lomi-lomi massage.


Once your body is completely stimulated, Lingam massage or genital reflexology will take place stimulating different erogenous spots of the body and genital organs to achieve, in first place, a delay of ejaculation and a more intense orgasm later.

The treatment will end in a deep relaxing massage on the feet, and through stimulation in different reflex points you will recover all the vital energy and feel in harmony.


Enjoy your Tantra Gay Massage in Madrid. Do not hesitate, get in the hands of an expert and make your massage come true.


60 minutes 100€


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Caressing, a vital need for a Tantra Gay Massage

Behind a gay tantra massage, there is often a great need for physical contact, to feel loved, to receive affection through caressing, and to search pleasure…

What a great amount of feelings we can experience with a simple caress on the neck or the back. Many studies confirm the amount of benefits that caresses provide and the need we have to create this rubbing of the skin between two people.


Caressing is one of the most intimate acts that can occur among people, and it brings a great amount of meanings, such as affection, love, acceptation, comprehension; hence the importance of touching, because this influences directly in our personal and affective relationships.


But besides all this, do you know the benefits of caressing to our health?

1.     It helps us reduce daily tension and stress, and helps us recover calmness in our body.

2.     It increases happiness. The contact of our skin with that of another person stimulates the hormone of happiness.

3.     It provides us with security and confidence.

4.     It controls blood pressure. People who caress and hug on a regular basis enjoy a lower blood pressure, according to some studies conducted at the University of North Carolina.


In a gay Tantra massage the receptors related to pleasure are stimulated through a series of caresses applied at slow speed and without excess of pressure in order to obtain the feelings we seek. Caressing will be the great ally of welfare of all clients who receive this massage.

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