sexual roles

Sexual Roles


We can divide gay men by passive, active or versatile. These categories can be subdivided even further depending on the way each one takes on the role.


Some surveys show that most gay men are versatile in that they can take on various roles to greater or lesser extents. They have enough flexibility to take on an opposing role and able to carry it out.


There is a false belief about gay couples that one of them takes on the role of the man and the other takes on that of the woman. But actually, most gay couples are versatile and have sex in different ways, because penetration during intercourse can be made by either one.


Some gay men claim to be 100% active because they think that way they give a better impression, although that is not true. There are also those who decide to take on the active role because they may find anal penetration painful.


Many times when forming a couple, they believe it is important to determine the sex role of each one. However, there are couples with both people being active, whose main sex practices do not include penetration. Less commonly, it is possible to find a couple formed by two passive gay men.


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