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5 Innovative Sexual Practices


Sexual practices have changed a lot throughout the years, since the sexual intercourse was something more mechanical rather than pleasant until these days in which we have fortunately learned to make the most of sexuality that our body offers.



What is true is that due to a greater openness, both criterion and electronic media regarding sexuality, is more common that both members of a couple talk openly with no taboos about their desires and fantasies on specific sexual practices. Now both men and women are encouraging to experience new things, from sex toys to different positions, even having sex with people of the same sex or in a group.



Here are five of these sexual practices that every day are taking more interest in those who want to explore new horizons regarding sexual practice:


  • Tantric Sex. This ancient discipline has increased its followers by its teaching to control orgasm and how recommended it is to solve different sexual dysfunctions of both men and women.


  • Booty call. This is to engage in sexual intercourse with people we do not know and that we contact through the internet or a simple call, no commitment and both parts accepting.


  • Precop. This is the sexual definition of “friends with right to rub”, someone with whom in addition you keep good friendship also have sex under the agreement that there will not exist a loving bond.


  • King out. This practice can be combined with the previous one because it only involves kissing and caressing, going as far as masturbation is the most.


  • Sexdiet. This practice is almost like a sport for all those who want to lose weight through having sex, performing techniques where there is exercise and a few calories are burned in addition to achieving good physical resistance.

Of course all these sexual practices can be always considered with the mutual consent of your partner so you can live full sexuality, intense and without risks.

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