male tantra massage in Madrid

Men can also be multi-orgasmic


Most of the times the preliminaries are a fun part of sex and later reach the crowning moment achieving the orgasm much desired, which is why many men try to hold the longest time possible, either to pleasure his couple or to make this act last the longest but, why only one orgasm? Would you not rather enjoy many orgasms?

Men normally do not reach the explosion of pleasure until ejaculation and then need some time to “recover” and continue, but Tantra philosophy has the key to achieve repetitive orgasms, reaching climax without ejaculation.

With certain techniques of Tantra massage this can be achieved, because by stimulating the male G-point in different ways this type of multiple orgasms and different intensities are possible. And if a specific prostate stimulation is included in the massage the pleasure achieved can be of an intensity never before experienced.

There are other methods to obtain a multi-orgasm, such as trying to contain ejaculation in a forced way, applying pressure on the perineum, but repetitive practice may carry terrible consequences on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum and thereby serious problems having orgasms.

For this reason, all those men who want to achieve multi-orgasms, it is recommended to try Tantra massage, more specific for this purpose, I am sure the results will give you pleasant surprises.

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