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Sexual development in men

Male sexuality is not experienced the same way at age 20 than thirty years after. There are different characteristics of each stage in the sexual life of a man, and could be identified as follows:



  • Before age 25. We are at the stage of preadolescence and adolescence, that is where men have great sexual power that is lived with certain instability due to all chemical and physical changes produced during the life of a man, where many hormones are secreted and when many men lose their virginity, so they live a few years of discovering and sexual experimentation. This is very important because it will mark future sex life. The best way to face this phase is having a good sex education and live different positive erotic experiences.



  • Between age 25 and 30. At this age we usually have clear sexual identity, it increases self-esteem and the need of contact. Sexual power is still high although erections may be less spontaneous. During these years sex improves considerably due to practice, since most men already have a stable couple and frequent intercourse, and other men, even without this stability, live their sexuality with casual satisfying encounters with other men. Disorders related to stress start to appear, labor or financial problems that can affect sexuality.



  • Between age 30 and 55. At this stage we find the feared crisis of the 40 where sexual desire triggers but the body not always responds the same way. Many men from age 45 start to take medication to have an erectile answer, although not always needed. As the years pass by, erections take longer to be completed and so do the period between them. At the end of this period masturbation is less frequent but the desire and the need of conquest usually increases.



  • Over 50 years. Sexuality is lived differently but it exists. Levels of testosterone are reduced, low semen production and sexual desire. Sex life may be calmer and can have erection problems or anorgasmia. All these disorders can be treated by specialists.



  • 75 and older. Erections can take much longer to happen, orgasm will require longer stimulation.


We must be conscious that men live different stages in sexuality, we must be aware of them and what can be achieved or not according to the age, but always enjoying every stage of life and what the moment offers.

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