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Male Orgasm Guide


Generally we talk more about the female orgasm than male orgasm, due to the difficulty that women have achieving it with men, but male orgasm also has its “enigma” and what lays behind is much more complex than everybody imagines.



The best male orgasms tend to happen during sex, because although masturbation is fun, the most intense pleasure is achieved by having sex with another person because a hormone named prolactin is released and makes men feel satisfaction, relaxed, happy… But, did you know that when we reach climax while having sex with another person, 400% more is released?



Male orgasms are usually unlimited, although time between one and another may vary a lot depending on the person. There are some men tan only need 3 or 4 minutes to get ready and this does not happen because they are super men but because this capability can be trained and improved with time.



Male orgasm occurs with ejaculation. This often happens but not necessarily. Actually, ejaculation can happen after reaching climax and even not occur. Men can have orgasms without ejaculation (this is the case of Tantrics). Men can also have multiple orgasms, if the put a lot of effort and practice constantly it will not be impossible to achieve. The key to achieve several orgasms in men is to reach climax without ejaculation, and there are various techniques that can be learned.



Semen is expelled faster than we think. The average speed of a male ejaculation is 45 km/hr.



Men have erogenous areas that stimulated appropriately can produce much more intense orgasms. In case you did not know about them, it is convenient for you to know that the male G-spot is located at a depth of about 5 centimeters inside the anus and you can find it because you will feel a small lump about the size of a walnut.


Do not miss the key of pleasure.

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