types of lubricants

Enjoy your sexuality

About sex, it is important to discover and enjoy everything life offers to its fullest and for this we have a wide variety of elements we can include in our sexual relationships to achieve an intense sex life and not boring.

To apply an excellent erotic massage, we will always need a good appropriate oil that allows sliding and achieve the sensations we are looking for, to have more pleasant sex a good lubrication is fundamental so penetration is more enjoyable and painless as sometimes our body does not produce that lubrication naturally.

The concept we have about sex can radically change when using this help. There are many types of lubricants but you must be careful when choosing because we are dealing with delicate body parts and is not recommended to use home lubricants such as Vaseline or moisturizers because they may cause severe irritation in the genital area, which is already very sensitive, so it is better to visit pharmacies or sex shops where they provide specific products with health guarantee.


Types de Lubricants

Among the different lubricants in the market, the best choice are lubricants with water base, totally compatible with preservatives, they do not stain or stick to the skin although they cannot be used underwater.

But lubricants are not only used when lubrication is not given naturally, the can be used to enrich our sex life in many senses. It is a perfect complement to give a sexy touch. You can add it to your foreplay or to enjoy your sex toys.

There are all kinds of lubricants: scented, with exotic flavor, hot or cold. It is very useful if you want an erotic massage for your partner, all over his body, especially to stimulate the genital area.
Use your lubricant when you want and how you want it, let your imagination have its most erotic side and prepare to enjoy sex like never before.

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