gay couple massage madridGay Couple Massage in Madrid

The pace of modern lifestyle, the lack of time, the hurries, stress, and fatigue cause that we have no time for ourselves and therefore for our partner either, to take care of our relationship and sexuality.

We should not let this happen, but erotic gay couple massage is an extraordinary way to intimate, to reconnect with him, to awaken the senses through an ideal preamble for sexual intercourse.


Gay massage for Couples

It represents a more extreme and closer intimacy, something affective, sensual, erotic and passionate.

By both receiving an tantra gay massage for couple they will open their mind into a spectacular form of incomparable seduction full of excitement, emotion and desire for one another.


60 minutes 190€


90 minutes 290€


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How is a Gay Couple Massage


Tantra massage for Gay Couple will make you accomplices; it will lead into discovering a world of sexuality, eroticism and sweetness that you have probably never experienced before.

For this you require a more active participation for both parties, to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

At the time of performing the massage, a mental disconnection is necessary, breathe deeply and feel the energy of the universe in order to be able to feel every caress, every stimulus until you achieve a level of erotic intensity that you have never felt before.

The two persons will alternatively receive a body-to-body massage, and receiving an exciting stimulation in the genital and perineum area, Lingam massage and final relaxation that will lead you to an even more intense orgasm than usual.


In Couple Gay Massage, one of the two can intervene in those areas not touched by the therapist, trying to keep the rhythm, emulating their movements but also being led by instinct to later transmit with your hands feelings, energy, and love to your partner.

Thanks to this gay couple massage you will assimilate the techniques used and remember them to apply later during intimacy. The aim of this erotic massage is to reach a high level of feelings with great sexual intensity, enhance your intimate relationship and a deep connection to finally achieve the fusion of the three energies flowing during the massage.


Improving your relationship and enriching your sex life is my specialty, encourage you to try it, and experience the most intense pleasure for couples.

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