erotic gay massage Madrid

Erotic Gay massage in Madrid

Discover the power of an erotic massage through Mutual Tantra massage. In this erotic gay massage the whole body is worked holistically through an intense erotic charge.

Always with a previous part of muscular work seeking relaxation, in this massage the receiver will experience the most erotic massage through body-to-body techniques. You can also interact during the massage caressing the body of your therapist allowing mutual massage.


Using different types of sliding and skin-to-skin friction, body-to-body work is performed using different parts of the body such as the chest, abdomen, legs or feet. Also adding Hawaiian massage techniques used in Sensual Massage, it becomes and authentic high intensity erotic man-to-man experience.

As for interaction or mutual massage, you will be able to caress the body of your therapist participating and experiencing the power of Tantric Hugs. Two fused bodies, skin-to-skin, a single breath…


A massage designed for the most daring men in the city. Enjoy your Erotic Gay Massage in Madrid.


60 minutes 150€


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Good hands for a good Gay Erotic Massage


At the moment of taking the decision of receiving a good gay massage it is very important to put ourselves in the hands of a good masseur, well-prepared, with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience, as is my case.


In order to be a good masseur and offer my clients everything they need it is essential to have an excellent physical shape, because thanks to this the massage will be performed in the most appropriate way by using strength, agility and flexibility needed to perform a good body-to-body erotic gay massage, as well as acute sensibility in hands to be able to transmit the energy and feelings that will make this massage a quality massage and an incredibly pleasurable experience.


In a good body-to-body gay massage hygiene is essential, so hands must be always clean and short nails, as well as disinfected body before and after each massage session.

Throughout the gay massage, both the masseur and the client must be free of any object or clothing that may difficult the contact of the hands or the body, because the massage is performed stimulating specific areas located all over the body and total freedom of movement is necessary for this.


As a professional, one always looks for integral welfare of all clients, since an erotic gay massage is an intimate experience and a good masseur understands that the art of this Tantra massage is something both physical and emotional.

If you are looking for the best erotic gay massage in Madrid, come and try this intense erotic experience enjoying the hands and body of the best professional in the art of Tantra.


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