ejaculation control in Madrid


Men have to be sensitive to their normal sexual response pattern, usually expressed in three or four phases. The first phase would be arousal, the second when he is conscious of the orgasm arriving, the third phase would be the orgasm and the last one ejaculation.


Control techniques are always applied during the first or second phase, although in the beginning they must be in the first phase. The goal of these techniques is to prolong the second phase and this way to extend the time of pleasure. During the first two phases, during the time of arousal an inevitable energy starts to emit downward, where the second chakra with a high voltage is found.


The Tantric formula would try to redirect energy conscious and physically, now sexually charged on the way back up towards the different chakras. In order to achieve this, there are internal and external techniques that could be applied.



Ejaculation control, internal practices:

Manipulation of the PC muscle. If we could look up from the pelvis, we would see a muscle that works as a cradle for sexual organs: urethra and rectum. It is called pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle, and due to its significant role in sexual pleasure is often known as the muscle of love.


For men, a strong PC muscle allows firm and strong erections, increases the duration and intensity of the orgasm and separates ejaculation. To strengthen it is recommended to exercise by stopping urine, repeating twice every time urinating is done. When it strengthens and develops, a huge step to control ejaculation will be accomplished because as soon as he notices orgasmic sensation, the muscle can be pressed and remain contracted, which will reverse the flow of sexual energy coming down to the second chakra.


Also breathing control can help reverse the flow of sexual energy: consciously slowing down and deep breathing at the time of its increase once an orgasm is imminent.



Ejaculation control, external practice:

There are many external techniques that can also help such as softly pulling the scrotum down and keeping from ten to thirty seconds. This technique avoids men ejaculation.


Pressing is another technique applied to what we call the sacred male spot, located in the perineum. It is identified by a small slot in the perineum halfway between the testicles and the perineum when the lingam is erect. Applying some pressure on this spot will change the direction and energy of ejaculation in ten or thirty seconds.


At last the squeeze around the foreskin frenulum should be mentioned. It is extremely sensitive and responds in a range of ten to thirty seconds to a firm squeeze. Although erection decreases temporarily, the desire of orgasms is calmed down, both return after a few minutes.


If you carry out these practices that will improve with time, you will redirect sexual energy and will get a deeper and more intense sexual experience than before.

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