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Sexual Practices

5 Innovative Sexual Practices


Sexual practices have changed a lot throughout the years, since the sexual intercourse was something more mechanical rather than pleasant until these days in which we have fortunately learned to make the most of sexuality that our body offers.



What is true is that due to a greater openness, both criterion and electronic media regarding sexuality, is more common that both members of a couple talk openly with no taboos about their desires and fantasies on specific sexual practices. Now both men and women are encouraging to experience new things, from sex toys to different positions, even having sex with people of the same sex or in a group.



Here are five of these sexual practices that every day are taking more interest in those who want to explore new horizons regarding sexual practice:


  • Tantric Sex. This ancient discipline has increased its followers by its teaching to control orgasm and how recommended it is to solve different sexual dysfunctions of both men and women.


  • Booty call. This is to engage in sexual intercourse with people we do not know and that we contact through the internet or a simple call, no commitment and both parts accepting.


  • Precop. This is the sexual definition of “friends with right to rub”, someone with whom in addition you keep good friendship also have sex under the agreement that there will not exist a loving bond.


  • King out. This practice can be combined with the previous one because it only involves kissing and caressing, going as far as masturbation is the most.


  • Sexdiet. This practice is almost like a sport for all those who want to lose weight through having sex, performing techniques where there is exercise and a few calories are burned in addition to achieving good physical resistance.

Of course all these sexual practices can be always considered with the mutual consent of your partner so you can live full sexuality, intense and without risks.

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Male Orgasm

Male Orgasm Guide


Generally we talk more about the female orgasm than male orgasm, due to the difficulty that women have achieving it with men, but male orgasm also has its “enigma” and what lays behind is much more complex than everybody imagines.



The best male orgasms tend to happen during sex, because although masturbation is fun, the most intense pleasure is achieved by having sex with another person because a hormone named prolactin is released and makes men feel satisfaction, relaxed, happy… But, did you know that when we reach climax while having sex with another person, 400% more is released?



Male orgasms are usually unlimited, although time between one and another may vary a lot depending on the person. There are some men tan only need 3 or 4 minutes to get ready and this does not happen because they are super men but because this capability can be trained and improved with time.



Male orgasm occurs with ejaculation. This often happens but not necessarily. Actually, ejaculation can happen after reaching climax and even not occur. Men can have orgasms without ejaculation (this is the case of Tantrics). Men can also have multiple orgasms, if the put a lot of effort and practice constantly it will not be impossible to achieve. The key to achieve several orgasms in men is to reach climax without ejaculation, and there are various techniques that can be learned.



Semen is expelled faster than we think. The average speed of a male ejaculation is 45 km/hr.



Men have erogenous areas that stimulated appropriately can produce much more intense orgasms. In case you did not know about them, it is convenient for you to know that the male G-spot is located at a depth of about 5 centimeters inside the anus and you can find it because you will feel a small lump about the size of a walnut.


Do not miss the key of pleasure.

sexual roles

Sexual Roles

Sexual Roles


We can divide gay men by passive, active or versatile. These categories can be subdivided even further depending on the way each one takes on the role.


Some surveys show that most gay men are versatile in that they can take on various roles to greater or lesser extents. They have enough flexibility to take on an opposing role and able to carry it out.


There is a false belief about gay couples that one of them takes on the role of the man and the other takes on that of the woman. But actually, most gay couples are versatile and have sex in different ways, because penetration during intercourse can be made by either one.


Some gay men claim to be 100% active because they think that way they give a better impression, although that is not true. There are also those who decide to take on the active role because they may find anal penetration painful.


Many times when forming a couple, they believe it is important to determine the sex role of each one. However, there are couples with both people being active, whose main sex practices do not include penetration. Less commonly, it is possible to find a couple formed by two passive gay men.


In the world of erotic and Tantric massage, we help you discover a whole new world of possibilities to make your sex life much more complete and satisfying. Tantra massage goes beyond simple penetration, it helps us know our bodies, discovering new pleasure areas to share with our partner and new games that will give a richer gay sex life.

tantric gay massage in Madrid

Tantric Massage

How a Tantric Massage is


Tantric Massage is an excellent way to look for spiritual ascent having the opportunity to access and experiment yourself. Uncensored, no taboos nor conditions. The energy that keeps us alive goes through the body so it does not accumulate in a single place and every cell is filled with it.


In this tantric massage, people get to know themselves, getting free from false ideas about the body, totally opening and exposing to maximum pleasure trying to reach the deepest part within our being, what we are made of and which are our reactions, allowing us to relocate in a world full of stimulus that can be used to achieve total consciousness of oneself.


This technique is peculiar and works on the spiritual part, focusing in a sacred process and result. The body is a monument, it stores memories and experiences, thoughts and feelings, soul and emotions. There is no specific sequence to perform a tantric massage, completely personalized because it analyzes conditions and need of the person that receives pressures and contact. Since it is made for different types of people, this massage will not be applied the same way.


So, the results will not be the same. One of the main goals is to allow emotions to express, those things that we are afraid or ashamed of showing. It is uncertain because of the emotion that is being discovered. The therapist must be able to identify physical, energetic and emotional status of the receiver in order to channel and go through the body adapting to the needs and desires of the receiver.

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Eroticism between Men

This type of attraction is very peculiar. In some cultures, body-to-body contact between two men can be strange or forbidden. The concepts of masculinity and sexuality few times allow men to have this experience.



It is not necessary that the person who feels curious about this massage has to be homosexual or feel sexual attraction to another man. Sometimes you can decide to receive a massage by another man whether gay or not, and generally looking for something more than just simple sexual relationship.



Perhaps it is curiosity for the first time or part of a fantasy that has an unknown origin. The number of men interested in this experience is increasing and there is no need to ask or give explanations to this curiosity or fantasy. The interesting part of this massage is the way to achieve pleasure despite reaching an orgasm.



Each man is different, looks for something different, so the way to seek pleasure and react to stimulus will also be different. However, a set of similar features can be seen in those who are looking for an erotic gay massage.



This massage offers professional service from the first moment. The atmosphere must be war to find comfort, both the atmosphere and the attention of the therapists. Hygiene is also fundamental, both by the center and body of each person.



A real massage is done through each part of the body, taking you to spiritual elevation as a result of deep muscle work and relaxation. Sensuality and eroticism are present every moment through this artistic way to perform massages.

types of lubricants


Enjoy your sexuality

About sex, it is important to discover and enjoy everything life offers to its fullest and for this we have a wide variety of elements we can include in our sexual relationships to achieve an intense sex life and not boring.

To apply an excellent erotic massage, we will always need a good appropriate oil that allows sliding and achieve the sensations we are looking for, to have more pleasant sex a good lubrication is fundamental so penetration is more enjoyable and painless as sometimes our body does not produce that lubrication naturally.

The concept we have about sex can radically change when using this help. There are many types of lubricants but you must be careful when choosing because we are dealing with delicate body parts and is not recommended to use home lubricants such as Vaseline or moisturizers because they may cause severe irritation in the genital area, which is already very sensitive, so it is better to visit pharmacies or sex shops where they provide specific products with health guarantee.


Types de Lubricants

Among the different lubricants in the market, the best choice are lubricants with water base, totally compatible with preservatives, they do not stain or stick to the skin although they cannot be used underwater.

But lubricants are not only used when lubrication is not given naturally, the can be used to enrich our sex life in many senses. It is a perfect complement to give a sexy touch. You can add it to your foreplay or to enjoy your sex toys.

There are all kinds of lubricants: scented, with exotic flavor, hot or cold. It is very useful if you want an erotic massage for your partner, all over his body, especially to stimulate the genital area.
Use your lubricant when you want and how you want it, let your imagination have its most erotic side and prepare to enjoy sex like never before.

tantra and homosexuality in Madrid

Tantra & Homosexuality

The role of Tantra in homosexuality

Tantra is not about moral, social rules, behavior or what is right or wrong. Tantra goes further, way above, it is about consciousness, liberation from ego, our mind with all its beliefs, past experiences, the interpretation and continuous meaning given to the world and things. That release is attached to escape the false “I am…” that ego attributes to itself.

I am homosexual, heterosexual, I am smart, I am dumb, I am nervous, I am quiet, etc. All these statements are nothing but fog and false attributes from ego, from the bondage of a mind not healed in the past. The statement “I am” that we automatically use sometimes is very powerful, it clings us either to the past or to the freedom of the truth of what we are now.


Tantra as a way to liberation

Therefore Tantra is a path to liberation, for this we must review and undo our past, heal our relationship with male and female, we must recognize, forgive and liberate the emotional conglomerate linked to the father-mother archetypes expressed nowadays, especially through our parents and then we will truly be free from all conditioning, that is when we choose homosexuality freely.

This is a job for Tantra that homosexuals must do, channeling their femininity through rejecting the feminine and security to relate only with other men. The advantage of homosexuals facing heterosexuals is that they have been able to recognize and be open to that feminine part of sensibility, feeling the world with receptivity.

In the world of Tantric homosexual massages, when two men get together, energy mobilizes different than a man meeting a woman, but the dance of the masculine and feminine is also there. And the final goal of uniting both poles within ourselves is also there. Two men can enjoy a spectacular Tantric massage, at the end it is nothing but a game, a game of consciousness where our work is, as said before, to liberate from the attachments of our mind-past.


Only by recognizing and healing what we are is how we can join to “the other” within ourselves.

male sexuality Madrid

Male Sexuality

Sexual development in men

Male sexuality is not experienced the same way at age 20 than thirty years after. There are different characteristics of each stage in the sexual life of a man, and could be identified as follows:



  • Before age 25. We are at the stage of preadolescence and adolescence, that is where men have great sexual power that is lived with certain instability due to all chemical and physical changes produced during the life of a man, where many hormones are secreted and when many men lose their virginity, so they live a few years of discovering and sexual experimentation. This is very important because it will mark future sex life. The best way to face this phase is having a good sex education and live different positive erotic experiences.



  • Between age 25 and 30. At this age we usually have clear sexual identity, it increases self-esteem and the need of contact. Sexual power is still high although erections may be less spontaneous. During these years sex improves considerably due to practice, since most men already have a stable couple and frequent intercourse, and other men, even without this stability, live their sexuality with casual satisfying encounters with other men. Disorders related to stress start to appear, labor or financial problems that can affect sexuality.



  • Between age 30 and 55. At this stage we find the feared crisis of the 40 where sexual desire triggers but the body not always responds the same way. Many men from age 45 start to take medication to have an erectile answer, although not always needed. As the years pass by, erections take longer to be completed and so do the period between them. At the end of this period masturbation is less frequent but the desire and the need of conquest usually increases.



  • Over 50 years. Sexuality is lived differently but it exists. Levels of testosterone are reduced, low semen production and sexual desire. Sex life may be calmer and can have erection problems or anorgasmia. All these disorders can be treated by specialists.



  • 75 and older. Erections can take much longer to happen, orgasm will require longer stimulation.


We must be conscious that men live different stages in sexuality, we must be aware of them and what can be achieved or not according to the age, but always enjoying every stage of life and what the moment offers.

ejaculation control in Madrid

Ejaculation Control


Men have to be sensitive to their normal sexual response pattern, usually expressed in three or four phases. The first phase would be arousal, the second when he is conscious of the orgasm arriving, the third phase would be the orgasm and the last one ejaculation.


Control techniques are always applied during the first or second phase, although in the beginning they must be in the first phase. The goal of these techniques is to prolong the second phase and this way to extend the time of pleasure. During the first two phases, during the time of arousal an inevitable energy starts to emit downward, where the second chakra with a high voltage is found.


The Tantric formula would try to redirect energy conscious and physically, now sexually charged on the way back up towards the different chakras. In order to achieve this, there are internal and external techniques that could be applied.



Ejaculation control, internal practices:

Manipulation of the PC muscle. If we could look up from the pelvis, we would see a muscle that works as a cradle for sexual organs: urethra and rectum. It is called pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle, and due to its significant role in sexual pleasure is often known as the muscle of love.


For men, a strong PC muscle allows firm and strong erections, increases the duration and intensity of the orgasm and separates ejaculation. To strengthen it is recommended to exercise by stopping urine, repeating twice every time urinating is done. When it strengthens and develops, a huge step to control ejaculation will be accomplished because as soon as he notices orgasmic sensation, the muscle can be pressed and remain contracted, which will reverse the flow of sexual energy coming down to the second chakra.


Also breathing control can help reverse the flow of sexual energy: consciously slowing down and deep breathing at the time of its increase once an orgasm is imminent.



Ejaculation control, external practice:

There are many external techniques that can also help such as softly pulling the scrotum down and keeping from ten to thirty seconds. This technique avoids men ejaculation.


Pressing is another technique applied to what we call the sacred male spot, located in the perineum. It is identified by a small slot in the perineum halfway between the testicles and the perineum when the lingam is erect. Applying some pressure on this spot will change the direction and energy of ejaculation in ten or thirty seconds.


At last the squeeze around the foreskin frenulum should be mentioned. It is extremely sensitive and responds in a range of ten to thirty seconds to a firm squeeze. Although erection decreases temporarily, the desire of orgasms is calmed down, both return after a few minutes.


If you carry out these practices that will improve with time, you will redirect sexual energy and will get a deeper and more intense sexual experience than before.

male tantra massage in Madrid

Male Tantra and Multiorgasmia

Men can also be multi-orgasmic


Most of the times the preliminaries are a fun part of sex and later reach the crowning moment achieving the orgasm much desired, which is why many men try to hold the longest time possible, either to pleasure his couple or to make this act last the longest but, why only one orgasm? Would you not rather enjoy many orgasms?

Men normally do not reach the explosion of pleasure until ejaculation and then need some time to “recover” and continue, but Tantra philosophy has the key to achieve repetitive orgasms, reaching climax without ejaculation.

With certain techniques of Tantra massage this can be achieved, because by stimulating the male G-point in different ways this type of multiple orgasms and different intensities are possible. And if a specific prostate stimulation is included in the massage the pleasure achieved can be of an intensity never before experienced.

There are other methods to obtain a multi-orgasm, such as trying to contain ejaculation in a forced way, applying pressure on the perineum, but repetitive practice may carry terrible consequences on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum and thereby serious problems having orgasms.

For this reason, all those men who want to achieve multi-orgasms, it is recommended to try Tantra massage, more specific for this purpose, I am sure the results will give you pleasant surprises.

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