lingam massage in Madrid

Lingam Massage



There is nothing more exciting and pleasant for a man than feeling a Lingam massage (Sanskrit word that refers to the male sexual organ). This erotic massage focuses on male genital stimulation, without neglecting the different erogenous areas spread in the body.

Like every Tantric massage, the idea of Lingam massage goes beyond simple momentary sexual pleasure, the goal is to create space to relax, to experiment the sensations, to discover a new sexuality and connection within yourself.

Lingam massage works very carefully both the lingam and the testicles, so it starts with the testicles and the scrotum causing the whole area to relax, then softly caressing the pubic or pelvic bone and perineum. Of course, the rest of the body is also massaged varying the pressures and speed so the stimulation also varies its intensity and more pleasure is given.

In the Lingam massage the receiver has to adopt a passive attitude, relaxed and receptive allowing to be carried away by the massage and not trying to control, because this way the many pleasant feelings this massage brings can be enjoyed.

Give yourself the chance to try this magnificent massage with me, thanks to my wide experience you will definitely have feelings you never had before

male genital reflexology in Madrid

Genital Reflexology

Tantra Massage and Male Genital Reflexology

It is well known that reflexology techniques heal after applying pressures in different areas of the feet, and many other benefits it brings. But this traditional Chinese practice can also be applied to the genital zone, and through it you can channel sexual energy to reach the peak of pleasure and emotional balance.


The origin of this knowledge is called “Bedroom Arts”, which Taoists have grown for over five thousand years, developing many techniques to obtain pleasure, achieve multiple orgasms in men and stay healthy, young and vital.


The most powerful reflex spots of the body are located in the sex organs and for this, the genital reflexology of Mantak Chia delivers applications to use reflex points in erotic massage and intimacy spaces as healing acts. In traditional Chinese medicine and reflexology we also find “secrets” to stimulate sexual organs because there are specific areas located on the soles of the feet which are connected to the sex organs.


This massage is applied with oils, usually rosemary which facilitates relaxation, or patchouli considered an aphrodisiac; great benefits are obtained because thanks to genital stimulation energy is injected, preventing unbalance such as impotence, pelvic swelling, testicular ailments, among others.


Sex is energy that goes through our body and is responsible for feeding emotions and thoughts, creating the impulse of desire. If this energy is not used correctly, it can cause dissatisfaction and unhappiness in our lives. Therefore, reflexology is an extraordinary therapy. Take the chance! Genital reflexology can help you generate the change you need.

tantric gay massage in Madrid

The pleasure of Tantric Gay Massages


Two male bodies melting into one, experimenting sexual energy from Tantra. Authentic Tantra is much more than just a massage, more than a sexual experience, there is no distinction between spirit and nature, between mind and body, it is a harmonious whole.


With Tantra and its philosophy you will live unique sensations, it is the opportunity you give yourself and your body to enjoy sexuality in a free and healthy way and get away from obstacles. My massages combine hand techniques of Tantra massage and Thai body to body.


First, the work is on the muscle in order to release body tension and introducing confidence between both people and start with the erotic work.


Second, commitment focuses in pleasure and knowing the body through soft and delicate sliding, gradually increasing the intensity of the massage and reaching the erogenous area through different stimulation parts of the body and genital reflexology, ending in intense and lasting ecstasy.


Are you ready to have the best Tantric experience? Book your tantric gay massage!

male gay prostate massage in Madrid

Male Prostate Massage

Benefits of the prostate massage


The prostate massage is a very healthy activity and has beneficial impact in its function: the health of the reproductive system and sexual life of a man. Located below the bladder, the prostate is a gland in the male urogenital system whose function is to provide white fluid that contains sperm.


A prostate massage promotes the production of this fluid and brings fresh blood flowing to the pelvic zone. This blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients, which allows healthy cellular function in the prostate, significantly improving erectile function. For the treatment of impotence, prostatic massage is highly recommended because the stimulation received and by increasing the production of seminal fluid, with time, will help a man recover normal sexual function.


Besides all this, prostate is considered a center of erotic pleasure that deserves special attention. It is a very delicate organ and should be treated carefully during the prostate massage. People who practice Tantra know that the prostate is able to generate a totally different male orgasm from the one produced through the penis.


There are physical and emotional differences between the two types of orgasms. The orgasm through the penis tends to be stronger and more explosive but ends so fast, while the prostate orgasm is more expansive and prolonged. It can be like a wave of pleasure where you can navigate during a time with no specific beginning and end.


It is certainly a feeling we recommend to experiment because it is unique and very difficult to express with words.

male g-spot stimulation through tantra massages in madrid

Stimulating Male G-Spot

Male G-Spot


We could say that the male G-spot is the prostate gland and perineum. The prostate is a gland that controls erection, ejaculation and orgasms; and perineum is the area between scrotum and anus, which does not have a specific function but allows indirect access to the prostate and when it is stimulated has the power to generate big intensity orgasms.


Once the male G-spot is discovered the area has a surprising experience, with a large number of erotic possibilities. The gland can be reached by inserting a lubricated finger into the anus, or with sex toys. Massaging this gland gently can produce explosive orgasms.


There is also a way to externally stimulate the male G-spot: by pressing and massaging the perineum, because there are many nervous endings that make this area absolutely sensitive and very erogenous. If you receive a proper massage the prostate incites to orgasm.


However, you cannot stimulate yourself because the G-spot is in the anus, so it is important to let a professional be in charge when you receive this massage, like it is my case, in order to obtain the best and most spectacular results that the G-spot offers.

gay massage in Madrid

What men look for in a gay massage

When a man decides to receive a massage from another man, whether gay or not, is looking for something beyond sex.

Either for curiosity, for the first time or a fantasy, each time the number of men who live this experience is increasing.


After years of work, I have realized that if any of my clients come for a simple massage with a happy ending, would not pay such a high price for it. The difference between an erotic service like a Tantric massage and a sexual service is the way to reach pleasure.

Each person is different, and each man is looking for something different. But a set of common factors in those men who have searched for an erotic massage on internet could be defined.


What men look for in a gay massage


  • Real pictures. Anyone hiring a massage service wants their therapist to be the one in the picture. They do not want a picture that was taken 10 years ago, and much less to be a different person. According to what the client sees and reads about massages, more consistency with reality will be required
  • Professional service. From the moment you receive it, the environment has to be warm for comfort, generated both by the atmosphere and the personal attention offered.
  • Hygiene. Both by the center itself or the massage office and the body of oneself.
  • Massage. A real one, not only a simple rub, a deep muscular work and spiritual relaxation.
  • Sensuality and eroticism. Through the art of massage, looking to feel desired and reach the highest levels of arousal.


Discover your body through the most intense gay massage in the city and make your fantasies come true.

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